Multi-Cryptocurrency Support

Centra supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. The assets currently supported are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC20 Tokens, Ripple, Zcash, and Dash. We will soon implement a support of more assets in time.

The Centra Card has been designed to connect the bridge between commerce and cryptocurrency.

With the Centra Wallet and the Centra Card you will be able to spend your blockchain assets in real time.


Here at Centra we have designed 3 core products that follow our mission to connect the world of commerce and cryptocurrency.

Centra Card & Wallet

The Centra Card has been designed to give you full control of your assets. You will be able to convert them in real time at market value to the fiat used without any fees all thanks to our CCE Module. We have solved the ability to spend your cryptocurrencies in todays world.

The Centra Wallet allows the storage of your block chain assets securely with full insurance on your assets from theft and hackers. Trust knowing your funds will be secure on our network without worrying. You will also have the ability to fine tune settings to fit your needs for both your wallet and card.

Our cBay platform gives our users the ability to purchase over 100,000 items from our market using their cryptocurrency. You will have the ability to use your Centra Wallet to pay for goods or pay direct from any wallet of your choice.

We will give the world the ability to spend their assets to purchase real goods on the internet. Choose from electronics, clothing items, household goods and more with worldwide shipping. The Cryptocurrency marketplace will allow vendors in the future to list their products for sale on the platform.

CTR Token

Centra Token (CTR) will be available and for sale to our users during our crowdsale. There will be many benefits to our Centra Troken Holders. Our reward system has been designed to give incentives to users whom hold the tokens.

CTR Tokens may be purchased via BTC, ETH, or LTC. CTR Tokens have been designed to be able to be used in our cBay Marketplace as well as spendable on the Centra Card worldwide anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard. CTR Tokens will be available to purchase on Exchanges post the ICO period.

Centra Card & Wallet Video

Worldwide Payment Platform

The Currency Conversion Engine Module (CCE Module) allows real time conversion of all supported cyrptocurrencies to give the user the ability to spend their assets in real time anywhere in the world that accepts Visa or Mastercard

0% Spending & Exchange Fees

Our mission is to bring all cryptocurrencies together and making them spendable in real life. With 0% spending and exchange fees you can now truly benefit from your blockchain assets.

Founder & Limited Edition Cards

In our initial crowd sale the fist 500 contributors of 100+ ETH will receive the Centra Black Card which will be a metal design and additional limits, rewards and benefits.  We will also be giving the first 1,000 contributors of 30+ ETH  a limited edition Centra Gold Card with additional limits, rewards, and benefits.

Centra Team

The Team at Centra has a wide depth of experience in technology, blockchains, marketing, and business operations worldwide. Our mission is to bring a new form of commerce in the world. Hover over our core team to learn more!

Sam Sharma


Michael Edwards


Martin Pejkov

Marketing Director

Andrey Nechesov

Blockchain Director

Filip Burcevski

Technology Director

Steve Stanley

PR Director

Peter Aziz

Production Manager

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